Business Retention & Expansion

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We support existing businesses achieve their expansion goals across Routt County and the Yampa Valley.

Our Focus is Targeted Support for Routt County Businesses

Your business is an extremely valuable asset to our local economy as well as the community's collective identity. On behalf of our partners, and the community at large, we appreciate you choosing to conduct business here in Routt County!

The Routt County Economic Development Partnership (RCEDP) is focused on providing targeted support to the businesses that already call Routt County home. We understand that operating a business is time consuming and it can be difficult to track all of the resources that are available to you. That's where we come in. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to stay and become more globally competitive.

Routt Distillery | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP

On-Site Visits

Through the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program, The Routt County Economic Development Partnership has dedicated staff focused on providing targeted outreach and support to local primary businesses.

On-site visits are a way for us to understand your business' operations and gather vital information so we can identify any issues, opportunities, or barriers to growth you may be experiencing, providing you with the necessary resources for continued growth and sustainability.


Routt Distillery | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP
Denver 7 Town Hall Interview | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP

Business Support

We have a ton of resources in our toolbox to help your business thrive and grow. By understanding your business needs we can open our toolbox to provide technical, financial, regulatory, and networking support.

  • Technical Support - From developing a business plan to marketing your product, we can help you achieve your business goals through our partners and free business counseling sessions.
  • Financial Support - Running a business is time consuming. We can help direct you to much needed funding sources, from grants to low interest business loans.
  • Networking Support - We work to convene business owners throughout the county to promote collaboration and support.
  • Regulatory Support - The data obtained helps drive programming and business friendly policy initiatives.

We want to remove barriers, keep you in our community, and support your expansion goals.

Storm Peak Brewery | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP

Business Expansion

We want to see your business stay and thrive in Routt County. Whether you are looking to expand operations, add to your workforce, or develop a new product line, we want to help you maximize your investments and thoughtfully strategize your business' growth through our network of resources and service partners.

"Up to 80% of net new jobs and capital investment are generated by existing local firms." -

Business Retention and Expansion is the cornerstone program for economic development in Routt County and RCEDP is your go-to resource for business expansion.

Storm Peak Brewery | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP
Bingham Build Bike Welder | Business Retention & Expansion | RCEDP

The Data Driven Approach to Economic Development

The intelligence gained through the BR&E program reinforces current and future economic development programs, activities and policies.

  • On-Site Visits - The information gathered through on-site visits not only allows us to provide targeted support to local businesses, but it also helps us understand the local business environment.
  • Annual Yampa Valley Business Study - This annual study allows us to track business metrics longitudinally and identify trends in the local business landscape.
  • Annual BR&E Report - All of the data gathered throughout the year is summarized in a comprehensive Annual BR&E Report.

So what happens with the data you provide?

The information you share with us remains confidential. In some cases, with the consent of participating businesses, we will share information with our organizational partners in order to provide the resources and tools needed to address the opportunities or concerns identified during the visit. There are no conflicts of interest and the involved parties may be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

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