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Outdoor Recreation | Value-added Ag | Creative Industries
To support long-term economic sustainability, we focus on a few key industries to diversify the local primary industry mix and quality jobs.
Outdoor Recreation | Paddle Boarders | Key Industries | RCEDP

Outdoor Recreation

Routt County's outdoor recreation manufacturing industry is not just a source of jobs and revenue; it's a hub of innovation and sustainability. By supporting this vibrant industry, we can strengthen our community, inspire new generations of entrepreneurs, and continue to provide world-class products to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. 

Powerhouse for Economic Expansion

The outdoor recreation manufacturing industry of Routt County  encompasses a wide range of businesses, from outdoor gear and equipment manufacturers to apparel and accessory producers. Investing in this industry stimulates job creation, drives innovation, and fosters entrepreneurship.

Outdoor Recreation | Paddle Boarders | Key Industries | RCEDP

Did You Know....

In 2021, the outdoor recreation industry of Colorado accounted for

$11.6 billion in Gross Domestic Product

2.7% of Colorado's Total GDP


Job Opportunities

Supporting the outdoor recreation manufacturing industry means creating jobs in our community. Skilled artisans, designers, engineers, and production workers find employment in this sector, providing higher than the average annual salary and offering opportunities for career advancement and skill development. These jobs provide stability for local families and strengthen the fabric of our communities.

High Product Quality

The products crafted in Routt County are renowned for their quality and durability. From skis and stand-up paddle boards to hiking gear and outdoor apparel, our manufacturers prioritize excellence. Supporting local businesses means gaining access to top-tier products that enhance your outdoor experiences.

Collaboration and Support

The Yampa Valley Outdoor Recreation Coalition, a local trade group dedicated to outdoor recreation, convenes regularly to address the challenges and prospects confronting businesses. Through these gatherings, they foster cooperation and exemplify the spirit of support that characterizes our close-knit community.

Storm Peak Brewing | Value Added Agriculture | Key Industries | RCEDP

Value-Added Agriculture

Routt County is a place where fertile lands, a pristine environment, and skilled agricultural experts come together to produce high-quality products. Within our county, the value-added agriculture manufacturing industry thrives, offering a unique opportunity for economic development while preserving our agricultural heritage. 

The value-added agriculture manufacturing industry is not just about food; it's about nurturing our community's economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and culinary diversity. By supporting the expansion and innovation within this vital sector, we can build a stronger, more resilient future for Routt County.

Did You Know....

In 2020, Colorado's food and agriculture industry accounted for

more than $40 billion in economic output annually

60% of total nondurable goods manufactured in Colorado

22% of total manufacturing in Colorado

1.6% of the state's total employment with over 47,790 workers in nearly 3,200 companies


Job Opportunities

Investing in value-added agriculture means creating jobs at every step of the production process. From brewers and distillers to sports nutrition and coffee roasters, this industry offers diverse career opportunities that contribute to the overall prosperity of Routt County.


Routt County's value-added agriculture manufacturing industry fosters entrepreneurship. It encourages innovation and supports aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs to bring their unique products to market. This spirit of innovation enhances the local food scene and attracts culinary enthusiasts from around the globe.

Environmental Stewardship

Many value-added agriculture businesses in Routt County prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. By supporting these efforts, we promote responsible land use, compostable packaging, water conservation, and wildlife habitat preservation.

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Creative Industries

Our community is home to a thriving ecosystem of creative industries, including visual arts, music, theater, design, and more. With deep roots dating back to the early 1900s, arts and entertainment has been woven into the fabric of Routt County's identity since the time of the first settlers. Supporting these creative endeavors not only enriches our culture but also fuels economic vitality. 

Where the Natural Beauty of our Surroundings Inspires Creativity

Routt County's creative industries are more than just artistic expression; they are catalysts for economic expansion, cultural enrichment, and community vibrancy. By investing in these sectors, we not only nurture creativity but also build a stronger and more prosperous future for Routt County.

Perry Mansfield Dancers | Creative Arts | Key Industries | RCEDP

Did You Know....

In 2019, Creative Industries in Colorado accounted for

$31.6 billion in sales of goods and services (sales revenue)

4% of all goods and services sold within the state


Job Opportunities

Supporting creative industries means creating jobs in our community. Artists, musicians, performers, and craftsmen are essential contributors to the local job market. This sector offers employment opportunities that not only provide income but also allow individuals to pursue their passions.

Catalyst for Economic Vitality

Routt County's creative industries are a powerful engine for economic expansion. Local artists, musicians, designers, and artisans contribute to a vibrant ecosystem that generates income, creates jobs, and supports businesses. By investing in these industries, we stimulate economic development that benefits the entire community.

Cultural Enrichment

Creative industries enrich our cultural identity and community life. They foster creativity, expression, and social engagement, making Routt County a more vibrant and inspiring place to live. Supporting the arts enhances our overall quality of life. 

Bringing People Together

The creative industries foster a sense of community and connection. They bring people together to appreciate and participate in the arts, strengthening social bonds and building a more inclusive and connected community.

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