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RCEDP leads long-term economic sustainability efforts across the Yampa Valley, working in collaboration with state, regional, and local partners.
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In 2021, Routt County, the City of Steamboat Springs, and the Towns of Hayden, Oak Creek, and Yampa joined forces, harnessing the invaluable input and support of the community and private sector. Together, they established the innovative Routt County Climate Action Plan (CAP) Collaborative, embarking on an ambitious journey to implement 40 impactful projects and initiatives across the areas of energy, waste, transportation, land use, and the economy.

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The Colorado Green Business Network of the Yampa Valley is a program hosted by our partners at the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council that offers assistance and recognition to local businesses that are dedicated to achieving sustainability goals. They provide  technical support and conduct operational assessments to identify opportunities for both financial savings and resources. These assessments have the potential to reduce input and disposal costs, compliance issues, worker exposure, and liability, while simultaneously enhancing overall performance, customer preference, product differentiation, and worker satisfaction.

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The Circular Economy Development Center was established by the Colorado state legislature via HB22-1159 to grow existing markets; create new markets; and provide necessary infrastructure, systems, logistics, and marketing to create a sustainable circular economy for recycled commodities in Colorado. The Circular Economy Development Center is dedicated to helping Colorado’s businesses transition toward a more sustainable future, achieve the maximum value from their products, and ultimately, reimagine the relationship between our economy and the environment.

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B Corp Certification recognizes a company's commitment to upholding rigorous standards in performance, accountability, and transparency across various areas. To earn this certification, companies must demonstrate outstanding social and environmental performance. B Corps enjoy advantages such as establishing trust among consumers, communities, and suppliers, attracting talented employees and investors who share their mission. Additionally, B Corps are dedicated to continual enhancement through the verification process every three years, ensuring long-term resilience and sustainability.

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