Governor Polis and OREC Award Grant to RCEDP

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Governor Polis and OREC Award Grant to RCEDP for Yampa Valley Outdoor Recreation Coalition

Routt County, CO – Governor Polis and the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC), announced that the Routt County Economic Development Partnership (RCEDP) has been awarded a Colorado State Outdoor Recreation Grant. This grant will enhance RCEDP’s capacity to support the Yampa Valley Outdoor Recreation Coalition (YVORec), a group of local outdoor gear and product companies collaborating to strengthen the local industry.

The grant will serve two critical purposes:

  1. Boosting Collaboration: RCEDP will utilize the grant to foster stronger bonds and collaboration among YVORec members. By supporting gear manufacturers, product companies, and local outdoor brands, this initiative aims to enhance the overall ecosystem
    of this industry in the Yampa Valley.
  2. Business Retention and Expansion (BRE): The grant will add fuel to RCEDP’s BRE program. This strategic effort will specifically target companies within the outdoor industry located in the Yampa Valley. By identifying resources and support, RCEDP works to retain existing local businesses in this industry.

“We’re thrilled that RCEDP received this grant,” said Robin Hall and Andrew Beckler, co-chairs of YVORec. “It’s a significant step toward further developing the Yampa Valley Outdoor Recreation Coalition and strengthening our local community of gear manufacturers, product innovators, and outdoor brands.”

“As the Yampa Valley faces transitions in the coal-fired power generation industry,” added Tim Redmond, Routt County Commissioner and Member of the RCEDP Economic Development Council, “Our commitment to industry diversification and work to leverage local resources in this way is crucial for preserving and expanding quality jobs in our valley.”

John Bristol, Executive Director of RCEDP, expressed his gratitude by stating “Our strong relationship with Governor Polis, Connor Hall, and the entire team enables us to focus on retaining and expanding local businesses here in rural northwest Colorado. We appreciate their continued support.”

For the full press release from Governor Polis, please visit here.